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Carefully curated programs & private mentoring to support you to face & embrace  change.

Many of us are afraid to make choices and change.

But going after what we want doesn’t have to bring drama and chaos into our lives.

We can learn to create, manage and move through times of change with a sense of calm and confidence.

And our intuition is an important guide on this journey.

Here at Big Brave Heart, we believe that you have the capacity to create a life you love.

We trust that you can live and learn and thrive through life’s ups and downs.

We are here to help you feel restored and to move forward with clarity, calm, inspiration and vision.

When we access our intuition and innate inner wisdom, we are living and creating from and through our own big brave heart.

We undertake a sacred journey, a journey back home to ourselves.

Are you ready to access the brilliance of your big brave heart?

Let’s start the journey back home to your beautiful self.

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Big Brave Heart will help guide your journey of transformation by helping you access your inspiration & intuition.

Learn how to care deeply for yourself.

Develop and trust your intuition.

Create and lean into a vision for your future life.

Confidently and calmly make and manage times of change as they arise.

Start your life changing journey feeling safe and embracing the sacred wisdom within you.

Are you needing to make a change or are you moving through a period of change in your life?

Thinking about swapping careers?

Have a business idea?

Wish to deepen a relationship or move on?

Planning to study, travel, take a new path?

Wanting to launch into something new?

Or finish something that’s grown old?

Maybe you’re somewhere in the middle and are simply not sure? Let's help you get clear.

Big Brave Heart offers you a choice of tailored individual or group programs, guided meditations and inspirational and practical tips tools and techniques to help you move forward confidently on your path.

Each person and situation are unique.

Find the support you need in the options below.

Individual support to help you thrive.

It all starts with a simple conversation

Individual support to help you thrive.

It all starts with a simple conversation

Take home tools, tips and treasures- Meditations, motivational cards and gifts for you and those you love. All Coming soon.

The Woman Behind Big Brave Heart

Chandu Bickford

My name is Chandu Bickford and for over two decades I’ve supporting individuals, groups and organisations feel calm, clear and confident as they make and manage times of change.

Big Brave Heart is a culmination of 30 years of learning to listen to, trust and teach others how to use their intuition. I’ve taken some hard roads and made plenty of mistakes along the way, so the tools and techniques I share here are tried and true.

As an award winning mentor, coach and educator, I am honoured to create and facilitate a range of inspired and deeply practical programs that support women on their journey of self discovery. Whether you are just starting out on your path or have decades of experience, connecting with your Big Brave Heart can bring depth, clarity, meaning and satisfaction across all areas of your life. It will help you to live and love your self and your life more fully.

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